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Flame Mini

The upholstered couch is a functional piece of furniture with an attractive design that can be easily integrated into any interior, giving it a cosy character. It holds up very well cats clawing unless your cat is a real tiger.

The sofa brings elegance and modernity to the living room. It provides much space to rest and allows all family members to sit down during evenings together comfortably. The wide adjustable armrest and deep ottoman offer the option of easily lounging with the family of four. It is also large dogs favourite place to lounge.

Moreover, relaxing headrests allows you to change the height of each of the backrests so you could finally get some well-earned rest. You can also use loose cushions to create comfortable back support.

The sofa is equipped with a spacious container and a practical mechanism that allows you to quickly transform it into a bed. It is a perfect piece for your guests to stay overnight.

Metal – front legs emphasize the modern character of the furniture and the whole is finished with a pleasant-to-touch fabric with a velour structure.

Product features:

  • Number of people: 4 people
  • Freely adjustable in the room
  • Sleep function
  • Sleep type: dolphin
  • Armrest function
  • Wavy springs
  • Bed box
  • Relax function – movable headrests
  • Pet-friendly velour structure
  • Leather upholstery available


Vekt 60 kg
Dimensjoner 189 × 274 × 90 cm

Høyre, Venstre


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Hjørnesofa Flame Mini


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